Sunday, December 25, 2011

Well... fuck it, might as well have something to do

It's been how long already since adsense went down and I lost my motivation for updating this website/blog but I suppose enough is enough. 

I'm sick of coming back here and seeing a stagnant dead page with so much left in it still going.
So I'm going to change that.
There's all this room still!

Since adsense is gone I guess this'll sorta be therapy for me and for the love for you.
Maybe I'll leave a donate button near the bottom should I be so fortunate [o.o]

I guess I need something to do anyway, here's to bullshitting a bit while you figure your life out.

I hope the both of us get something out of it.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Walking -- Where do you go?

Working, working. Got myself a stable job.

Life is becoming rather gray.
Adsense was disabled, that's not cool, probably because I haven't been adding any new stuff lately..

Wish I had more inspiration, but things have been rather bleak.

Another day another dawn.

Going forward.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Yeah....funny how you fill yourself with something for the inspiration and you end up will all this unused potential/inspiration.

Funny Ironic like life.

Oh fuck.

Keep that inspiration up.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Drugs + Life

Been pretty one note lately, waiting on the tipping force..

Not sure about priorities, seems my head is rather messed up about that. Though many friends help steer me back in the direction that I already know I know....

Still tryin the best to be a good person, other people can be quite a dynamic...good or bad..

I'm not sure what the biggest priority is, other than that money is being my prime obstacle.

Drugs help bid the time, but the time passes without pity.

Companionship seems something worthy to keep working towards...but I need to be able to provide for myself 100% before I consider someone else's  well being..

I'm rather lost without a job atm....even though the point is to work so you don't have to work anymore....hmm

It's quite the quest..  "It's hard to explain" somebody said..
I think that's the way I like it..

Hope's up. Here's to it.

p.s. - All thoughts and advice 100% welcome :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

421 The Day After....wompwompwomp

Pretty much have been out of it for the past bit...dunno what there is to say

all my 'happy420!'s have been used & abused and now shit gets serious.

But not too crazy or anything

-- but pretty crazy

I mean.. -- We got this shit.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How they can make you smile.

I really thought this short trailer was quite inspirational, and the full movie is now available for free to watch online.
"Everything is so clear.." :)
I haven't watched it entirely yet but it really makes you bask in awe.
Fits right in with this.

It's such a 'bigger-than-earth' concept, the likes of which we need to be orienting ourselves.

(small one this time, but nothing less to think about)

p.s. random photographs

last one is a big personal fav, but they all good yo

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Life, Seinfeld of all things, + Fucking Nihilists

Been sort of focused some some things lately that I haven't updated my blog..

One of the major things being my 500gb harddrive is going wonky and I might lose the info -- BUT it may be recoverable as well...I can only hope and do my best..

Just goes to show...don't put all your eggs in one basket..
..I'm always saying that


Side note, was thinking about a buddy of mine and his sort of...lets say 'apathetic' :P ways 
and I woke up this morning (when I do some of my most insightful thinking) I thought about Seinfeld...
Seinfeld: 'The show about Nothing.'. 
Pretty much..
Some say though.. and fairly (I'd say that too).. 'The show about life.'
To Nihilists life is meaningless and pointless. Sorta like Seinfeld.. :P 

But Seinfeld is sorta like life too, like I said, just as much as it's about nothing.

But look how syndicated and popular a show Seinfeld was, just as much as life is populated and syndicated. :P
The point isn't that Seinfeld was about nothing, the point was that it was funny. And Enjoyable. 

À la : Life

(Google image search for 'life') :)

I suppose some people do watch Seinfeld to see how shitty it is in their opinions.
Anyone can be cynical, you don't even need intelligence.

Some people sit on the sidelines being fake mad/crying about all the bad people and things in the world, but are just as selfish and humanely/morally worthless, unknown/unaffective to them; they mope and comment on other negativities. 
The point is the negativity is to be avoided .... juvenile neanderthal inconsiderate fucks....

Negativity is to be avoided. 

Lets all try and do that. 
Responsibilities can't be avoided though.. 

gets a guy crazy + negative :\
refer up to the 'It's a Wonderful Life' pic for goodvibes :]
(Big side note)

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

impending.. destiny -- n'stuff

Sometimes the most worth while leaps/steps/--risks?--are precisely calculated first, before they happen.


p.s.: dubstep

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Sometimes.. motivation is a tough thing to come across on your own. Seclusion won't help much, save for realizing you mustn't seclude yourself, so save that time.
As much as some people deserve to be secluded from and some people being unworthy of many things; all people are worthy dynamics.

So give them that benefit of the doubt.. and listen.

2 Things:
A. Not all is within you.
B. Google doesn't have all the answers    ~ saw that on a church sign once :P

Here's one for motivation

Inspiration comes from funny places. :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Also T2: Judgement Day

The robots, new owners/operators of the planet earth, wave goodbye to the last remnants of evidence of the previous master race.

This is Terminator 2 Judgement Day.

end of days.

- spaceman

Robots Robots Robots

I've been away the past little bit because I'm looking so heavily into robots...amongst other things (The_Adventures_of_Tom_Sawyer)

But I just came across this excellent website a friend linked me to in irc, and I found lots of good articles, (INCLUDING ROBOTS) haha

Here's the Original Signal site
Lots of dope stuff there.

and here's a cool robot article

Robonaut R2A waving
goodbye as Robonaut R2B launches into space aboard STS-133 from the Kernnedy Space Center.
R2B safe aboard, R2A can sleep tight.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Good luck. That's all I can say atm. All good energy to those helping

Hope, Faith, And Good Luck go out to all those people in Japan struggling.

Same for anybody in any environmental disaster.

Scary stuff yo...

I wish everyone to take care of themselves and help who you can.
Big Peace, sending Mad Good Vibes and Good Luck from anybody who's got it.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

All green things must die.

Charlie Sheen really got me thinkin today. Bout Time, Death, Twitter and Tiger's blood.

So I'm signed up on twitter now. Think I know where I sit with Time and Death. And Using the Tiger's Blood motivation to rage on non-Tiger's Blood keepers.

Death to the fascists!

I love the 90's, and I miss it

But being here in 2011, I'd never go back.

Still have nightmares sometimes about the Dial-Up Modem noises... uhhhhhhhhhH

How bout you guys? Preferences? The future, now, then? Why?

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

People walking with the Physical Hand of "God"


Really? Really.

People that smug about themselves that they admit to having a one-on-one relationship with the "creator" of everything that is?

I'm pretty sure we all have that relationship.
There is a Jesus reference in that David Cross video on religion below in reference to what I'm referring to. (refferreffer)

Not hating on god, or people who love god.

But a huge part of that is understanding. Funny how this comes up on Ash Wednesday, I just read another blog post about that: Ash Wednesday

"Today the sheep are marked with a black cross over front of their heads to show the blind and the others who are blind but forgot or don't care."

Interesting. Another good quote was on "The Fighting Temptations" w/ Cuba Gooding Jr. and Beyonce

Beyonce said: "My momma used to say: being in a church doesn't make you any more of a christian than standing in a kitchen makes you a stove.

Sorry gotta run, phonecall from Jesus/Muhammed (no picture available) Lemme know if Ghandi or Socrates (or Socks as I call him) stop by at all.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011


found some truth updates, figured you guys should check this stuff out.

article at CNN: James Okeefe NPR VP Secret Video Recording

Here is James Okeefe's website he referenced written on a whiteboard behind him on a skype CNN interview.

The Project Veritas


His site's side of the event: Project Veritas investigates NPR

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


The more and more you realize, the less there is to say.

Or the less you need to say, chances are it's been said.
Not to say we need to stop talking :P
Just listen, lots.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A blog is a funny thing.

Right off the bat, I started towards opening up people's minds to things, getting people to read things and trying to make them realize things.

I do want to help people, and I realize they must want to help themselves before I could do anything, but don't forget what you are doing things for.

As a very inspirational Immoral Technique once said "A true revolutionary loves his cause more then he hates his oppressor."

A quote from the bible which is usually beyond or behind me (depends how you look at it) but here:

"Why did you sit still among the sheepfolds, to hear the whistle for the flocks?"


I appologize

I never want anyone to be hurt, but things must change.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Updates

Global protests goin buck, stay informed:

Libyan troops have opened fire with machine-guns and large-calibre weapons on anti-government protesters in the second city Benghazi, witnesses say.
An unknown number of people, including children, are said to have been killed.

Thousands of anti-government protesters in Bahrain have resumed an occupation of Pearl Square, the focal point of protests in the capital Manama.

Four people were killed in the southern port city of Aden by gunfire as police moved to disperse protesters, medical officials and witnesses said.

A very inspirational youtube vid:

Lastly some first hand accounts of the happenings:

Bahrain Protests
Yemen Protests
Libya Protests
Iran Protests

This definitely provides a bit more insight on the situations, I hope this helps someone somewhere. Knowing is half the battle, we're going to have to get ready soon.

EDIT: New Updates:
 German Protests
Dresden anti-neo-nazi Protests 


Photo's of the week


50 Followers already! Crazy, thanks everyone :D

Here's some tunes to show a bit of my thanks for the support :P

Friday, February 18, 2011

Late Night

Million people at your door, born alone die alone.

Got a long way to go before we die..

Thursday, February 17, 2011

hmm, pretty tired; hmm..

Check this article *** *** it speaks for itself..

Pretty brutal for any americans affected. I think everyone thought they were past that. Hmm..

Here's a dope music video to make you feel not as crumby anyway...

little bit of Canadian/French-Canadien Hiphop comin at yuh.

More tomorrow.
(tired) -spaceman

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Blog and more Pictures.

New news today, I've set up a new blog over at it's called Omegaloloftheday. lol
So give it a check, meanwhile here are some new pics.

Cellphone and Video camera operations will be up shortly, stay tuned.

Also on an international news note, Iranian authorities are mocking protests in the country, Obama had to say - "I find it ironic that you've got the Iranian regime pretending to celebrate what happened in Egypt, when in fact they have acted in direct contrast to what happened in Egypt by gunning down and beating people who were trying to express themselves peacefully,"

Full article at *** Iran protests 'going nowhere', says Mahmoud Ahmadinejad  ***
The first one is for a friend, they know who.

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