Thursday, April 21, 2011

421 The Day After....wompwompwomp

Pretty much have been out of it for the past bit...dunno what there is to say

all my 'happy420!'s have been used & abused and now shit gets serious.

But not too crazy or anything

-- but pretty crazy

I mean.. -- We got this shit.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How they can make you smile.

I really thought this short trailer was quite inspirational, and the full movie is now available for free to watch online.
"Everything is so clear.." :)
I haven't watched it entirely yet but it really makes you bask in awe.
Fits right in with this.

It's such a 'bigger-than-earth' concept, the likes of which we need to be orienting ourselves.

(small one this time, but nothing less to think about)

p.s. random photographs

last one is a big personal fav, but they all good yo

Monday, April 11, 2011

Too nice not to share

Check it:Sweet Music Box Generator Thingy, Check it out!

And some random dope pictures for your viewing pleasure :]

 lol- spaceman

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Life, Seinfeld of all things, + Fucking Nihilists

Been sort of focused some some things lately that I haven't updated my blog..

One of the major things being my 500gb harddrive is going wonky and I might lose the info -- BUT it may be recoverable as well...I can only hope and do my best..

Just goes to show...don't put all your eggs in one basket..
..I'm always saying that


Side note, was thinking about a buddy of mine and his sort of...lets say 'apathetic' :P ways 
and I woke up this morning (when I do some of my most insightful thinking) I thought about Seinfeld...
Seinfeld: 'The show about Nothing.'. 
Pretty much..
Some say though.. and fairly (I'd say that too).. 'The show about life.'
To Nihilists life is meaningless and pointless. Sorta like Seinfeld.. :P 

But Seinfeld is sorta like life too, like I said, just as much as it's about nothing.

But look how syndicated and popular a show Seinfeld was, just as much as life is populated and syndicated. :P
The point isn't that Seinfeld was about nothing, the point was that it was funny. And Enjoyable. 

À la : Life

(Google image search for 'life') :)

I suppose some people do watch Seinfeld to see how shitty it is in their opinions.
Anyone can be cynical, you don't even need intelligence.

Some people sit on the sidelines being fake mad/crying about all the bad people and things in the world, but are just as selfish and humanely/morally worthless, unknown/unaffective to them; they mope and comment on other negativities. 
The point is the negativity is to be avoided .... juvenile neanderthal inconsiderate fucks....

Negativity is to be avoided. 

Lets all try and do that. 
Responsibilities can't be avoided though.. 

gets a guy crazy + negative :\
refer up to the 'It's a Wonderful Life' pic for goodvibes :]
(Big side note)

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

impending.. destiny -- n'stuff

Sometimes the most worth while leaps/steps/--risks?--are precisely calculated first, before they happen.


p.s.: dubstep

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