Feed AKA F.A.Q.X.

Place, for w.e stuff I need it for....hmm
Ok until further notice, This can serve as the FAQ of FAQX

First question: What's FAQX?
Shut up.

What is this website for?
Knowledge and information, the rest is you. I just help you reach a conclusion, and if that happens to be a wrong conclusion then it's up to me to try and correct that.

Have you seen the new Ke$ha video "Blow"?
Yeah it's buck.

Should I leave a comment?
Uh, yeah.

Do you respect Will & Jada Smith's daughter as an artist?
No. Fuck no.

Can I feel good about myself?
Yeah dude.

How about questions for the FAQ, can I suggest some?
Dude, do it. -- but only if you're cool like that.


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