Wednesday, March 09, 2011

People walking with the Physical Hand of "God"


Really? Really.

People that smug about themselves that they admit to having a one-on-one relationship with the "creator" of everything that is?

I'm pretty sure we all have that relationship.
There is a Jesus reference in that David Cross video on religion below in reference to what I'm referring to. (refferreffer)

Not hating on god, or people who love god.

But a huge part of that is understanding. Funny how this comes up on Ash Wednesday, I just read another blog post about that: Ash Wednesday

"Today the sheep are marked with a black cross over front of their heads to show the blind and the others who are blind but forgot or don't care."

Interesting. Another good quote was on "The Fighting Temptations" w/ Cuba Gooding Jr. and Beyonce

Beyonce said: "My momma used to say: being in a church doesn't make you any more of a christian than standing in a kitchen makes you a stove.

Sorry gotta run, phonecall from Jesus/Muhammed (no picture available) Lemme know if Ghandi or Socrates (or Socks as I call him) stop by at all.


  1. This is in reference to people that I've met that sub-conciously, because they are usually really bashful and wouldn't admit to their own false sense of superiority and smugness, place them-self above other people, and mention in conversation or publicly anyway that they have a certain relationship with either Jesus or God, or whoever one looks up to for support/excuse.

    God is way, way, way too big a concept, especially for a small minded person, to grasp. -- let alone anybody trying to figure it out.

    I just say we do the best we can. And that doesn't include saying you have it figured out.

    Thanks for the inspiration Jesus? Or should I reference someone else specifically meaningful to my life?

    ?? :P
    -spaceman :P

  2. lol@Muhammed (no picture available)

  3. rofl you should have gotten a picture of Muhammad from south park.

  4. Hey socks dropped by. Lol. FOllowed!

  5. following and $upporting

  6. Socks is a buddy of mine. We shoot hoops on Saturdays. Followed.


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