Sunday, December 25, 2011

Well... fuck it, might as well have something to do

It's been how long already since adsense went down and I lost my motivation for updating this website/blog but I suppose enough is enough. 

I'm sick of coming back here and seeing a stagnant dead page with so much left in it still going.
So I'm going to change that.
There's all this room still!

Since adsense is gone I guess this'll sorta be therapy for me and for the love for you.
Maybe I'll leave a donate button near the bottom should I be so fortunate [o.o]

I guess I need something to do anyway, here's to bullshitting a bit while you figure your life out.

I hope the both of us get something out of it.


  1. What a fuckin sweet/rad and corny star pic eh? lol

  2. Too bad about your Adsense account- that sucks

  3. That does suck....have a great new year though


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