Sunday, February 05, 2012


Well I figured out the donate button Lol! not that I'm begging now, but if you go through and think I deserve to be sent whatever  I'd greatly appreciate it. 
My adsense got shutdown as I previously mentioned so whatever will be will be, I'm not so concerned.

I'd just like to do what I can with this blog again and perhaps get something back from it if I could, let alone helping out whoever's following along (including myself).

I hope I can help in whatever ways, be it insight or inspiration or whatever.  
Fuck, let me know.

So I guess other than a general update on stuff I'll leave you with a few new songs to pass the time -- And who knows, if things go smoothly I might have a radio stream embedded or linked on my page sooner than later, I'll get back to that.

If you've read this much or any previous posts thanks a lot! I appreciate your effort + attention --
Here's a free video guide to make the cannabutter you've been getting around to but haven't made yet:

Trying isn't such a big thing these days if/when you just do.
Thanks again

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