Sunday, February 19, 2012

Good Vibes

Added a live radio button to the blog for EVRADIO whenever it's up and broadcasting, check back often, a show is often every once and a while :P
Here's to acknowledging everything for what it is and going with the good vibes.

Here's some good vibes shit to get you in the right mind frame starting with some copypasta from 420chan /b/ :)

Dear fellow man,
You are important. You are important to me. You are important to your family. Time will heal you if you make the effort. Stop the drugs. Move out & away, go to a college and get your high school upgrades. Get a job that pays for your rent and go to the food back/soup kitchen for food. Then work yourself up. Get a better position/better paid job. Get a better place, buy your own. Start sending letter; Christmas cards on whats new...whether or not you think they care or not. Then one day ask to come over for the holidays..or invite them to you nice place. This just takes TIME bro.

I know in this day and age we want things done NOW..or done yesterday before we even knew we wanted it done! We want things FAST. And for some reason as a society we've put this false sense of RUSH upon us; this ANXIETY to be perfect. What a burden! Why on our earth do we keep expecting man to become perfect? Our MISTAKES are the very thing that make us stronger and become a much much better person than we were. 

Strive for the best because there is the best in everyone of us. Stop hiding from your real self"

True /b/ wisdom, the shit.

Check this:

This last one's video is just dope.

"everyone needs to shut up about what music they like" - youtube
shit is cool


  1. Somethin says WMG is blocking the content except for on yt? Whatever, enjoy it there then if they want to be cunts like that.

  2. That's not good vibes... lol! Fucker's I'll put more shit on then mwhauahaha

  3. it all just takes TIME....cheers

  4. Back in my day a dime novel just to cost a dime.

    You know how much rubbers cost in those days? Me neither cause we didn't use 'em.


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