Sunday, May 01, 2011

Drugs + Life

Been pretty one note lately, waiting on the tipping force..

Not sure about priorities, seems my head is rather messed up about that. Though many friends help steer me back in the direction that I already know I know....

Still tryin the best to be a good person, other people can be quite a dynamic...good or bad..

I'm not sure what the biggest priority is, other than that money is being my prime obstacle.

Drugs help bid the time, but the time passes without pity.

Companionship seems something worthy to keep working towards...but I need to be able to provide for myself 100% before I consider someone else's  well being..

I'm rather lost without a job atm....even though the point is to work so you don't have to work anymore....hmm

It's quite the quest..  "It's hard to explain" somebody said..
I think that's the way I like it..

Hope's up. Here's to it.

p.s. - All thoughts and advice 100% welcome :)


  1. p.s.s check al-jazeera ( Barack Osama bin Laden is dead)

    lol. (I look forward to your comments :P)

  2. Being without a job was incredible stressful for me. Try and stay positive

  3. Time you've enjoyed wasting, is not really wasted. (John Lennon)

  4. i figured out that the point of working is to save up and become a millionaire then stop working.

  5. the last pic is really nice

  6. Your posts make even less sense than my own.

  7. Working is a bore but so is being a lazy arsehole. Work minimum so you can afford the things you love.

    You don't need a flash car or a big house. Try and find happiness in yourself and remember, fuck everyone else. :)


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